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Buy Soil Improver And Mushroom Compost
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What soil improver should I use?
Which is the best soil improver?
When should I apply soil improver?
How do I make my soil healthy?
Topsoil UK is here to answer all your questions about soil improver!

Topsoil UK soil improver in hands
Soil Improver
Organic matter used to improve the structure of soil.  
  • 100% British and peat-free
  • Environmentally friendly: by buying this product you are helping to reduce the ecological impact and carbon footprint
  • Improves soil fertility and moisture retention for boosted vegetable yields

  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilisers. This product provides natural primary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, secondary nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and sulphur and trace elements such as iron and boron

  • Better root environment for plants

  • Breaks down heavy clay soils to improve moisture infiltration and drainage; and adds humus to sandy soils to improve moisture holding capacity

  • Increased nutrient uptake and decreased soil borne diseases

  • Helps to keep soil pH stable

  • Improved resistance to soil compaction and erosion

  • Not suitable for ericaceous plants

  • Is composted organic matter
  • Makes a healthier soil
  • Increases growth rates
Mushroom Compost
Mushroom Compost provides the perfect medium for all varieties of growing.
A high specification soil conditioner which is made up of chicken and horse manure mixed with wheat straw, this versatile compost breaks down creating good microbial action resulting in the production of humus. This attracts the right type of insects to the soil whilst preventing pests and discouraging diseases.

Mushroom Compost will increase the amount of moisture that the soil holds, in turn aiding the retention of nutrients meaning that plants will require less watering.


Since this compost can only be used once in the cultivation of mushrooms, it is a sustainable way to help your plants flourish. Fungal properties in the compost also provide protection against drought and intense heat. With the ability to break up clay-like soil, mushroom compost is an exceptional soil conditioner and is economic to use on a large scale.


Our Mushroom Compost is ideal for use in flower beds, vegetable gardens, seeding and turfing lawns and for raised beds.


It also works well as a light mulch.

Topsoil UK mushroom compost
What is soil improver?

Soil improver is made up of decomposed organic matter, water and air. 
The organic matter in our soil improver comes from all natural garden waste, making it 100% organic and peat-free.

Why should I add soil improver to my soil?

Adding soil improver to your soil will improve it's structure and condition as well as adding much needed nutrients to the soil. 
Soil improver will also help your soil retain moisture, making water more readily available for plant roots. 
It is also widely used to loosen up heavy clay soils by restoring the structure of the soil and reducing compaction. 
Soil improver also helps to balance the PH level of your soil.

When should I use soil improver?

You can use soil improver at any time of year but it is best to use it when the weather is not too wet to avoid compaction.  With heavier clay soils it may be best to wait until Spring. 
You can also wait till your flower beds or vegetable patches are empty and add it then.

 How do I apply soil improver?

Dig over the area in question, just the top layer of topsoil. 
Spread a layer or soil improver over the area in question about 2cm deep. 
Avoid digging too close to plants or their roots as to not to damage them. 
Using a fork, work the soil improver into the topsoil, be sure not to dig too deep and disturb the subsoil.

Why buy from Topsoil UK?

Topsoil UK is a family-run company with an outstanding reputation for quality products, excellent customer service and reliability. 

We are extremely proud our topsoil, specially blended here on the farm in Odiham. 

We supply many local stockists, garden centres, contractors and Landscapers. 


Why not check out our reviews on Google or Yell.

If you need further help please feel free to call our friendly customer service team on 01256 861 345

For contract and bulk loads, please contact us for a quote.

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