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Top Dressing Near Me
Delivering to Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

What is top dressing used for?
How should I apply top dressing?
Should I water before top dressing?
What is the best way to top dress a lawn?  

Topsoil UK is here to answer all your questions about top dressing.

Perfect for levelling and patching lawns - regularly used on sports pitches

  • Screened to 5mm

  • 58% sand and 42% soil blend

  • Improves drainage

  • Improves drought resistance

  • Encourages the breakdown of thatch

  • Natural nutrients

  • Eco-friendly

  • Increases plant strength

  • Predominantly used on golf courses

  • Used to create level surfaces

  • Available in bulk bags or loose loads

Topsoil UK Top Dressing in bulk bag

What is top dressing used for?

Top dressing has a number of functions that your lawn will most certainly benefit from.  Firstly, it will improve the look of your lawn by evening out any imperfections and filling in divots.  Secondly, top dressing acts as a natural fertiliser and creates an ideal environment for grass seed to germinate.  Finally, top dressing also helps with the soil structure and will aid drainage and helps keep thatch under control, all of which will vastly improve your lawn.

How do I top dress my lawn?

The first thing to do before dressing your lawn is prep it.  Remove any weeds and mow your lawn.  Rake out the thatch and moss as they can prevent water, sunlight and fertiliser reaching the grass. If your lawn in compacted you may want to aerate it before applying your top dressing.  Distribute your topdressing into even piles around your lawn, bearing in mind once spread you want it to be around 1/4 deep.  Now spread the dressing around its allocated area using a fork or the back of a shovel.  Next you will need to brush or work the top dressing into the grass, you need to be able to see at at least 75% of the grass leaf otherwise you risk killing it.  If you are seeding now is the time to do it then lightly work it into the topdressing.  Lastly, lightly water your lawn over the next few days and you're done!

When should I top dress my lawn?

The best time to top dress your lawn is when the weather is at optimum conditions for grass growing, meaning lots of sun, rain and warm temperatures.  Therefore, Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to top dress your lawn.  You want to do it after raking, scarifying and aerating your lawn which are things you'd typically do in Autumn anyway.

Why buy from Topsoil UK?

Topsoil UK is a family-run company with an outstanding reputation for quality products, excellent customer service and reliability. 
We are extremely proud our topsoil, specially blended here on the farm in Odiham. 
We supply many local stockists, garden centres, contractors and Landscapers. 
Why not check out our reviews on Google or Yell.

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