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Topsoil Delivered Directly to You

Delivering to Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey
Our topsoil is compliant and meets British Standards BS3882:2015 and PAS 100

Topsoil UK delivers topsoil to many local stockists and landscapers every week. 

If you are looking for a high quality topsoil in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire, then look no further! 

Our topsoil is a 60/40 mix of soil and stones with soil improver, creating the ideal balance of nutrient rich soil with small stones necessary for drainage and aeration. 

Our topsoil suits a range of uses such as covering large areas in your garden, filling allotments, potting plants, flower beds, vegetable patches and borders. 

It can be used for turfing, levelling and many more.  Whatever your requirements for topsoil are, Topsoil UK can help.  

Topsoil UK multi-purpose topsoil in hands
  • Mixed with soil improver for added nutrients

  • Screened to 10mm - 20mm

  • Darker soil

  • High levels of sand content, more free draining than other loams allowing water and air to penetrate deep into the roots

  • Stone content to help with drainage

Perfect for:

  • Classification - sandy loamy

  • Screened between 5mm - 10mm

  • Contains soil improver

  • Higher levels of sand content, more free draining than other loams allowing water and air to penetrate deep into the roots

  • Includes small stones necessary for drainage

Perfect for:

Topsoil UK Premium Topsoil in hands
Topsoil UK Veg Mix in bulk bags
  • The perfect mix for vegetable plots and borders

  • Screened between 10mm - 20mm

  • Contains soil improver and Plantgrow

  • Higher nutrient levels

  • Mix of sand, muti-purpose topsoil and Plantgrow

  • Includes small stones necessary for drainage

Perfect for:

What Is Topsoil? 

Topsoil is exactly what it says it is - the top layer of soil, usually 5-10 inches deep. 

Topsoil is made up of broken down minerals (stones), organic matter (grass, leaves etc), water and air. 

This is why topsoil is high in nutrients and where the roots of plants are usually found.  

Topsoil can take over 100 years to form due to it being made up of broken down rock particles formed by weathering mixed in with other decaying organic matter. 

So you can start to understand why quality is so important!

What does BS3882:2015 mean?

BS3882:2015 sets out the British standards for Multipurpose and Premium topsoil. 

The classification is based on various components such as texture, acidity and contaminants. 

It also contains information on testing, sampling and how soil should be handled to avoid it being degraded.   

Should I Buy Multi-purpose Or Premium Topsoil?

Multi-purpose Topsoil
Our Multi-purpose topsoil is our bestseller as it literally can be use
d for anything, as long as you are willing to put a bit of extra work in. 

It is a nutrient rich soil making it the perfect growing medium however, as it is screened to 10-20mm you may want to remove some of the stones. 

Stones are necessary to meet British standards for drainage purposes.  

Premium Topsoil
Premium Topsoil is also a nutrient rich soil but in drier months it can become quite a sandy product so may need more watering. 

As it is screened down to 5-10mm it requires less work and can be more aesthetically pleasing.

What does Screened Topsoil Mean?

Screening is basically a filtering process to remove large particles from the topsoil. 

Our multipurpose topsoil is put through our screening machine which removes any stones/clumps etc larger than 20mm.

 What Is The Difference Between Topsoil And The Soil In My Garden?

As previously mentioned, good topsoil can take 100 years to break down. 

The soil in your garden, especially if it is in a new build property, usually isn't the best for plants. 

If your home was previously owned by a keen gardener there is a chance the soil will be fine but if not, a layer of quality topsoil will be a huge benefit to your garden.

How Can I Figure Out How Much Topsoil I need?

We have developed a handy online calculator to do the work for you and figure out how much topsoil you need. 

Click the link below.
Online Calculator | How Much Topsoil Do I Need? | Topsoil UK


Why buy from Topsoil UK?

Topsoil UK is a family-run company with an outstanding reputation for quality products, excellent customer service and reliability. 

We are extremely proud our topsoil, specially blended here on the farm in Odiham. 

We supply many local stockists, garden centres, contractors and Landscapers.  .

Why not check out our reviews on Google or Yell.

If you need further help please feel free to call our friendly customer service team on 01256 861 345

For contract and bulk loads, please contact us for a quote.

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