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We are extremely proud our topsoil, specially blended here on the farm in Odiham. 

We supply many local stockists, garden centres, contractors and Landscapers. 

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Mushroom Compost - Bulk Bags

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Product Details

A recycled product, Mushroom Compost is a fantastic way to condition your soil.

A high specification soil conditioner which is made up of chicken and horse manure mixed with wheat straw, this versatile compost breaks down creating good microbial action resulting in the production of humus. This attracts the right type of insects to the soil whilst preventing pests and discouraging diseases.

Mushroom Compost will increase the amount of moisture that the soil holds, in turn aiding the retention of nutrients meaning that plants will require less watering.

Since this compost can only be used once in the cultivation of mushrooms, it is a sustainable way to help your plants flourish.

Fungal properties in the compost also provide protection against drought and intense heat. With the ability to break up clay-like soil, mushroom compost is an exceptional soil conditioner and is economic to use on a large scale.

Our Mushroom Compost is ideal for use in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and for raised beds. It also works well as a light mulch.

Suitable for:


Soil conditioning

Breaking up heavy soils

Improving moisture retention

- Compost bulk bags are 90 x 90 x 90cm. The volume is approximately 750 litres, which covers approximately 0.75m3.

- Delivered on HIAB, no pallets to dispose of.


Mushroom Compost is very rich substrate and should be mixed with soil before planting.

It is not suitable or recommended for potting, seeding, young plants or to be used as a direct growing medium.


Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully. Should bulk bags, loads or part loads have to be returned, there will be a 40% re-stocking charge for the goods. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on 01256 861 345
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