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Welcome to My Hampshire Allotment…

Hi, I’m Hannah, the newest member of the Topsoil UK family and have a passion for gardening!

Join me as I share my gardening experiences with you in my fortnightly blog…

I have always enjoyed the idea of ‘The Good Life’ and being self-sufficient; and with only a small garden on offer, I was limited to the amount I could grow, often growing in pots for extra space. Eager to grow more, I applied to multiple allotment sites in my local area and was added to the waiting list…

Then in June 2021, I became the proud owner of plot a 13 ft x 26 ft allotment, in a local village in Hampshire.

Over the last eleven months I have been preparing for 2022 – building a shed and greenhouse, creating a layout that should hopefully work for successful crops, and adding finishing touches, such as a wildlife pond.

So, with almost a year gone since I first took on my allotment, join me as I finally get growing!

Along the way I’ll share what I’m sowing and growing, what has worked (as well as the bits that don’t go to plan) and any tips and tricks worth trying yourselves.

My aim is to utilise my space as much as I can, growing a mixture of veg, fruit and flowers, all of which will be used at home, or gifted to friends and family.

I also want to create a space in which nature thrives, such as planting bee- and pollinator-friendly flowers and using companion planting to limit the use of pesticides. Adding a small pond will encourage frogs to visit and make a home, and hopefully eat any slugs and snails before they get to my crops!

I hope you enjoy learning with me, be sure to check back again soon for an update!.

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