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Spring on the Allotment

Allotment pathway with Spring daffodils
Spring at the Allotment

Once Spring finally arrived, I knew it was essential that I started sowing my seeds.

A quick look back through my Instagram showed that this time last year I had already sown most of my seeds, the house was full, and some things were ready to plant out.

This year, I have been reluctant to start sowing for a few reasons, the first being my ever-curious kitten. There have been a few houseplants dug up and I don’t want the same to happen with my trays of seeds!

Secondly, the weather has been very temperamental, not sure whether it wants to stay warm or just keep on raining. With my only option being to keep all my freshly sown seeds in the greenhouse, I didn’t want the dreaded frost to destroy all my hard work.

Browsing Instagram, I could see that many of the people that I follow also hadn’t sown their seeds yet – I still had plenty of time before I needed to start panic sowing!

First Sowings

My dahlias were the first to be planted (back in early March). These will stay at the allotment in the greenhouse until they are ready to pinch out and then plant out.

April arrived and it was time to start seriously thinking about sowing some seeds.

With seed trays and containers cleaned and ready to go, I sowed my first batch of seeds.

Seed trays with seedlings coming through
Seedlings starting to appear...

This included - sweet peas, amaranthus, cosmos, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

I also started my tomatoes and chilies in heated propagators as these like a little boost of heat to get them started.

This is also my second year of trying to grow luffas. After the heatwave killed off last year’s batch, I am keen to try again! I started these off inside, getting the seeds to sprout in the airing cupboard before planting on.

Many of the early April sown seeds have started to sprout, reassuring me that I haven’t made any fatal errors or that the cold nights haven’t prevented them from coming to life!

Pop-up greenhouse shelving filled with seed trays
The pop-up greenhouse is getting full!

Second Sowings

As the greenhouse slowly starts to fill up, I check my seed box to decide what to sow next. Is it essential? Have I got space? Do I actually like it? It’s easy to get carried away in the seed section every time I visit the garden centre, often buying seeds that I end up not using.

I ensure that the essentials are sown – runner beans, sweetcorn, squash and garlic (which should’ve really been sown months ago).

Tomato seedlings in seed tray
Tomato seedlings, originally germinated in the heated propagator

Within a few days, I should hopefully start to see some life appear and after a few weeks, seedlings can be potted on or even planted out.

Check back soon for updates!

Find me on Instagram @woodbineandhoneysuckle

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