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What I’m Sowing This Month… May

Updated: May 30, 2022

With most of my seeds sown in March and April, there are just a few left to sow this month.

I personally prefer to sow my seeds in into trays or modules (these are plant trays where you can grow plants in individual cells), this allows me to keep a closer eye on how they’re doing and protects them from any pests that might enjoy nibbling on the emerging shoots.

What I’m Growing:

-British Basil – Basil is the perfect match for tomatoes companion and cooking. I’m going to grow a few pots in my greenhouse alongside my tomato plants, as well as on the kitchen windowsill at home to use when cooking.

-Ammi Majus – Ammi is a firm favourite amongst florists as it makes a wonderful filler in floral arrangements. As I’m hoping to grow a small amount of cut flowers, this will not only look great at the allotment but at home too.

-Artichoke – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an artichoke, but I know they look interesting, especially to grow! I’m looking forward to growing a mix of veg and flowers that I’ve never grown before as it’s all a fantastic learning experience.

-Borage – Borage is a perfect companion plant for tomatoes, it can actually improve the flavour of strawberries and is a firm favourite with the bees. The great thing with Borage is that as the flowers die off, it will self-seed, giving you plenty more plants the following year.

-Carrots – Carrots are an allotment must have! These will be one of the few veg that I will be direct sowing as thinning out and handling can attract carrot fly, which could potentially devastate my crop. Carrots also grow best in a light, sandy soil, just like the TopsoilUK Premium Veg Mix.

-Swiss Chard – I inherited a small amount of Chard when I took on the allotment. This veg is not only tasty, but great for adding colour to the allotment, so I will be sure to grow more this year.

-Kale, Cavolo Nero – We eat a lot of green veg at home and whilst I hadn’t planned on growing any brassicas (mainly due to difficulty), I’m going to give kale a try!

I will keep you up to date with my progress – from sowing, pricking out, potting on, and eventually planting out.

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