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Get your garden BBQ ready

How can I get my garden ready for a BBQ?  Can I have a BBQ in my garden?  How can I improve my lawn before a BBQ?  Where should I place the BBQ in my garden?

In this blog we will help you get started on your way to hosting an amazing summer BBQ.  Avoid last minute panic by getting ahead of the game and prepping your garden for visitors early in the season.

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Our Tops Tips!

1. Have a good old tidy up!  It may be boring and somewhat obvious but this is always a good place to start.  Put away any tools, toys (if you have children) or anything else that may have been left out.  Throw away rubbish and clear away any garden debris.  Get rid of weeds, prune plants and hedges if needed then mow the lawn.  If your lawn is looking a little yellow and sparse in places you can try a soluble lawn feed as this will act faster than a granular feed.  You now have a blank canvas to work with.


2.   Now that you have a clear space, you should have a good idea of what might need a bit of extra attention after a long winter.  Perhaps your patio would benefit from being jet washed, your fence could do with a fresh coat of paint or your decking needs a scrub - now is the time to do it.   

3.  Don't leave it to the last minute to check your garden furniture for damage - possibly leaving you in a panic trying to source extra chairs for your guests.  Repair or replace the necessary components and then give it a good clean.  Use soapy water and a sponge for plastic but wooden furniture may require a specific wooden furniture cleaner and finish it off with a protector and wood stain.  

4.  Now the setting for your fun-filled summer of

BBQ's and garden parties is finally starting to take

shape.  Time to add some colour and fragrant

aromas with specially selected plants and flowers. 

Subtly-scented plants such as honeysuckle,

jasmine and phlox will act as natural aroma

diffusers in your garden.

5.  If you already have a BBQ then you will want to give it a good clean before using it.  If you don't then you will find there are many options to chose from.  When placing your BBQ in your garden, chose a spot close to the house (so that you're not having to carry food a long distance from the kitchen) but far enough that smoke can blow away, rather than into the house.  For safety reasons you need to place your BBQ on a solid, flat surface that is non flammable, for instance on concrete or a patio.  Be sure to keep at least 10 feet away from sheltered areas and combustibles such as hanging baskets, outdoor furniture, trees, bushes and ground level plants.

6.  Plan for every eventuality!  Will you need shelter from rain or shade from the sun?  Perhaps invest in a gazebo, pergola or plant a tree (if you have the space) for a longer term plan.  Patio heating may also be a good idea, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be.  You could get creative with throws and blankets for your guests, perhaps creating a cosy corner for the evening.

7.  Add a personal touch to your party with decorations, you can keep it clean and simple or maybe introduce a theme.  Hand-made decorations can be fun to make and are a reflection of the host's own tastes.  For example - you could create your own centrepiece for the table or make your own bunting.

8.  You can also be creative with your lighting for evening BBQ's, there are so many options! From string lighting, spotlights and various solar lights that stick in the ground.  There are coloured lights, light up animals or simple white lights - whatever your preference, lights can be beautiful as well as functional.  The warm glow of a candle can also bring some magic to your party but be mindful of guests bringing children when placing them.

9.  Now that you have the perfect venue for hosting it is the time to think about entertainment.  Although a lot of your time will be spent socialising and chatting, music is a great addition for keeping the party going or just relaxing your guests.  If your visitors don't all know each other maybe plan some games to get people interacting.  Purchasing some garden games can also be a good idea, especially if people are bringing children.

Wishing you a wonderful summer and many successful garden parties!


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