What is soil conditioner?

When should I use soil improver?  What does soil improver do?  What is soil improver made from?  Is soil improver the same as fertilizer?

Are you planning for your next project and wondering if you should be using a soil improver?  Find everything you need to know about soil improver right here.

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What topsoil do I need?

Which topsoil you need depends on what you will be using it for.  It comes in different grades and there are various blends available - meaning some will suit your purpose more than others.  

Topsoil for turf laying - We recommend using premium topsoil as it is screened between  5mm to 10mm - there will be less lumps and get a better finish. Our premium topsoil is a sandy loam which is ideal for turf laying and also contains soil improver for added nutrients.

Topsoil for flower beds and borders - It is best to use a quality topsoil with higher organic matter for growing flowers.  Both our multipurpose and premium topsoil contain soil improver but the premium is a finer grade.

Topsoil for growing vegetables - Which topsoil you use for growing vegetables will depend on what you are growing - for instance, carrots need a sandy soil like our premium topsoil.  However, most vegetables will benefit from a nutrient rich soil like our premium vegetable mix or our multipurpose topsoil.  Vegetables absorb a large amount of nutrients from the soil, so the better the soil is the better your crop will be.

Topsoil for grass seeding - If you are starting a lawn from scratch, our multipurpose topsoil is perfect for covering large areas and has added soil improver mixed in to add nutrients.  If you are filling in gaps and re seeding we recommend either our premium topsoil or top dressing as they are a finer grade.